EasyVSL Review: All You Need to Know

Video Sales Letters (VSL) are specially designed video pitches for marketing a product to its viewers. In the digital world, you honestly cannot send out written copies and expect your business to flourish overnight. 

However, a sales letter, when in an engaging video format, draws attention from every corner of the world. That said, EasyVSL can truly help you put together a fascinating sales pitch for your products and services.

If you’re on the fence about buying EasyVSL for your marketing campaign, we recommend that you go for it. Keep on reading our unbiased EasyVSL review to find out why!    

What is EasyVSL? 

EasyVSL is a high-converting sales video creation software packed with mind-blowing features to get you started! Don't have designer or technical skills nor the time to make sales videos and explainer videos from scratch?

With EasyVSL, you can make incredible slides with dynamic transitions and make an irresistible pitch to your clients in the shortest amount of time!

EasyVSL is an affordable solution to take your affiliate marketing, lead generation, and advertising to whole new heights. The super useful software lets you create engaging sales videos and boosts your SEO ranking.

You'll be surprised to realize the impact just a 60-second long VSL can have on you and the people worldwide. After all, who doesn’t like well-made and catchy explainer videos? 

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How Does EasyVSL work? 

EasyVSL has a fairly uncomplicated user interface. Making slides and creating a compelling pitch in 60 seconds will no longer take hours. 

Simply select a video template from its wide range of templates. Once you have the sales script ready, uploading it alongside your voiceover is all you have to do.

EasyVSL has built-in speech recognition and Artificial Intelligence (AI) that sync your voice to the script and generate slides for your jaw-dropping presentation. 

You also get to shoot a video upfront or upload existing videos from your laptop for making your presentation rich and informative. After that, you can export slides to PDF or download the video in many MP4 web-ready resolutions, up to HD.  

That's not all; you have the opportunity to create animated explainer videos to make an interesting appeal to your viewers. They are super effective in pumping up your views and social media reach. The fact that you can directly upload them to Youtube made us like EasyVSL even more!   

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Create Professional, High-Converting videos in seconds for your business using EasyVSL. No technical experience required!

EasyVSL Review: Worth The Money? 

Up to this point, you might be thinking "Should I buy EasyVSL?" and we're going to help you decide. Here are some of the best EasyVSL features that come in handy when you make video sales letters. 

1. Kinetic Explainer Style Videos

Nothing beats the look and feel of an explainer video. Their dynamic transitions, effects, and graphic qualities when coupled with an incredible presentation really help you generate leads with the best success.

That said, EasyVSL offers a lot of cool effects that you can incorporate in your explainer videos and make them look professionally made.          

2. Automatic Slide Creation

Writing a sales script is tiring enough. Why go through the trouble of making slides when EasyVSL can do it for you?

Once you choose a template from its vast slide examples, upload your script to EasyVSL to create slides automatically. You can save a lot of time and energy! 

3. Huge Library of Royalty Free Graphics 

EasyVSL has a variety of eye-catching templates and tools that you can use to make amazing sales videos. EasyVSL has over 1,000,000 royalty-free animations to fit any niche and business.  

4. Accurate Voice-over Sync

What we liked best about EasyVSL is its AI controls that sync your uploaded audio flawlessly with the slides.

Besides, they have a collection of natural sounding voices for reading the texts on your slides; so you can input EasyVSL's voices as well.

5. Built-in Translation Tool

If you’re pitching to international clients, EasyVSL's translation tool will be a lifesaver! It takes only a few minutes to translate your text in the language you choose.

6. Advanced Features 

Snapping timelines, making instant cuts, zooming in and out besides adding multiple audio/video layers seamlessly inside your sales video timeline is now possible with EasyVSL!  

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Create Professional, High-Converting videos in seconds for your business using EasyVSL. No technical experience required!

Advantages of Using EasyVSL 

1. Making Sales Video  

You want to make content that focuses on a problem and then present how your services can solve it. As easy as it sounds, bringing out the interesting bits can be such a hassle. But EasyVSL has a remarkable library to create the best kind of videos! 

Selling digital products like an online course, software pack, eBook, or your membership website is going to be much more effective with EasyVSL. 

2. Ecommerce 

EasyVSL videos can be the best choice for selling your e-commerce products on your business website. You’ll also get a better reach through social media marketing on Facebook and Instagram with a compelling sales video!

Not to mention, posting videos on a regular basis can put your SEO ranking on the top.

3. Affiliate Marketing 

The amazing kinetic explainer videos you create on EasyVSL can you’re your target audience’s attention to you. You can earn handsome referral commissions every time one of the viewers makes purchases through your affiliate link. 

4.  Teaching, Training  & Blogging 

With EasyVSL videos, you have everything you need to create fun and informative videos that your viewers can easily absorb and remember. Taking online classes, sharing health tips, fashion insights, and tech talks have never been more fruitful!      

The Best EasyVSL Deals Right Now 

EasyVSL is super affordable for everyone considering their budget-friendly packs and offers available all year round. You also get free software updates and 30 days money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied with EasyVSL.

You can gain instant access at $97, and then it's only $9.99 a month. There's a huge discount going on the yearly pack. Generally, EasyVSL costs a one-time $297 a year, but for a limited time, you can purchase this extremely useful sales video creator at only $197 a year!

EasyVSL is also conducting a workshop where their experts will train you on the Proven 10 Step Video Sales Letter Formula to kickstart your pitching techniques! It’s only $37 for the training, worksheets, and checklists. Considering the valuable tips, it's definitely a steal!   

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$100 OFF on Annual Plan

Create Professional, High-Converting videos in seconds for your business using EasyVSL. No technical experience required!

Final Words  

To conclude this EasyVSL review, we'd say it is not just a sales video creator. It’s now a community of 40,000+ creative and like-minded people. If you’re willing to make innovative sales pitches at an affordable price, EasyVSL is the way to go!

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