Explaindio vs Doodly: Which One Should You Pick?


Indeed, video content is more engaging and attractive, which is the reason marketers usually prefer it over text posts and images. The content/message is easily delivered in a short time, and people are tied with the video until the end.

With the increase in the demand for video content, video editing software/tools are also rising day by day. Among famous video editors available, Explaindio and Doodly are exceptional.

If you are confused about which one is the best for you, then you are in the right place. Today, we will discuss Explaindio vs Doodly in detail. We will explore the features and take a closer look at the differences.

Let’s start the discussion without further delay.

Before we dive into Explaindio vs Doodly, we would like to introduce these tools/applications and their features for your better understanding.


Explaindio is an all-in-one video editing tool that empowers you to create different types of videos on your own. You can create 2D & 3D animations, Doodle sketches, explainer videos, and motion videos without any hassle. You might need multiple tools/software to make these types of videos, but Explaindio can do everything alone.

Creating a captivating and engaging video is not a problem anymore because of Explaindio. You can easily create whatever you want within a few minutes. The best part is that you can do everything on your own. You don’t need to spend money on hiring professionals and pay hundreds of dollars for a one minute or short video. You can do everything with perfection without any prior experience of video editing.

Explaindio comes with a bunch of tools and a huge library of templates and pre-made scenes. There are over 200 pre-made animated scenes that you can customize and make a unique video of your own. It offers you over 300 fonts, hundreds of text animations & animated scenes, six animated characters, transitions, and a lot more.


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You can express your creativity and turn your imagination into reality using the contents of the library. There are 500 doodle sketch images, 100 Full-HD videos, and many background audio tracks. Long story short, you need nothing from outside.

The most important feature of Explaindio is that it is integrated with Pixabay, so you can easily import as many images as you want to make your video stunning. The huge library of Pixabay is in your hands. You won’t get this feature in other tools.

Explaindio comes with a set of tutorials that help you make your videos like a professional. In addition will also get access to a Facebook private group to discuss your problems, queries, and contribute with other members.

Last but not least, there is also cloud storage to store files. So, you can store your projects in the cloud and access them whenever you want.  

Creating a video with Explaindio is just a matter of minutes. You can create a splendid video with the help of the creation wizard. Just drag, drop, and select what you want, nothing more. Finally, you can export videos in the desired format that can be played in a wide range of devices.

14 Days Money Back Guarantee

If, for any reason, you don't like this amazing software, you can get a full refund anytime within 14 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with Explaindio friendly support team and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.

Explaindio TOP Features

  • Explaindio is a simple software. Even if you are a beginner, you can make a stunning video like a professional. You don’t need to be tech-savvy or experienced in video editing.
  • You can make explainer videos, doodle sketches, 2D & 3D animation, and almost everything with this single application.
  • The library of the software is massive. You will get almost everything you need. There is no need to look for other sources for the media.
  • You only need to customize the templates or pick objects, images, and other media from the library to make a video. It will not take too much time.
  • The updates are for free; you don’t need to pay more.


Doodly is an ideal software for doodle sketches. There is nothing better than Doodly if you want to make doodle videos.

The software is exceptional because it is made for the sole purpose of making doodle sketches. Therefore you can create whiteboard, green board, blackboard, and even glass board doodle videos in Doodly. It is a complete and all-in-one software for all kinds of doodle videos.

Nowadays, doodle videos are quite popular. They can be used by teachers, marketers, YouTubers, social media influencers, and sales teams. Doodly allows you to create powerful doodle videos with ease.


Use Doodly to create professional doodle videos in minutes. No tech or design skills needed. It can be used for sales and/or social media videos, special occasions,
or just for the fun of drawing.

The most important thing about Doodly is its simple and user-friendly environment. You only need to drag and drop objects and media. It will only take a few minutes to create an outstanding video that will catch the attention of the viewers and boost your sales and leads.

The unique feature of Doodly is the conversion of images into doodle sketches. Although the software has a vast media library, you can also create your own unique doodle sketches. Just upload an image and draw paths around the image to convert it into a sketch.

Doodly has a huge library of professionally drawn sketches. There are over 200 total characters in 20 different poses. It has its own library of background scenes and other objects. It also offers a wide variety of free audio tracks and music.

It also allows you to record voice-over and sync with the sketch. You can record your own voice professionally. The output file can be exported in low to medium quality resolutions and various formats.

You can create unlimited videos; there is no limit. Many tools/applications have a limited license, so they can only be used on one or limited computers, but Doodly is exceptional; you can use it on as many computers as you want. You can use it on Windows or Mac. Furthermore, it is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Doodly is a very simple software that can be used by beginners. You can save a ton of money by making your own videos. It will cost you a fraction of the money that you may spend on hiring professionals.
  • There is a huge library of characters, props, images, and audio tracks. There is also a wide selection of hands of various sizes, colors, and poses.
  • You can also turn original images into doodle sketches. Doodly has made it simple.
  • Doodly allows you to create any type of doodle video, including whiteboard, blackboard, green board, and glass board. No doubt, Doodly is a doodle sketch king.
  • Any type of video can be created with Doodly in a few minutes. There is nothing more than drag and drop.

Explaindio Vs Doodly

It is time for the topic you have been waiting for. Both tools (Explaindio and Doodly) are amazing, but both have different features.

As far as Doodly is concerned, you can only make doodles sketches. But with Explaindio, you can create Doodle sketches, animations, explainer videos, and motion videos. So, if you want to create versatile videos, you should go with Explaindio. But if you want to make only doodle sketches, there is nothing better than Doodly.

Doodly is created for the sole purpose of doodles videos. You can create any kind of doodle videos without any hassle. It will create professional videos in no time. You can pick the types of doodle videos, characters, and other media from the internal library. The software has everything you need to turn your imagination into reality.


Use Doodly to create professional doodle videos in minutes. No tech or design skills needed. It can be used for sales and/or social media videos, special occasions,
or just for the fun of drawing.

Explaindio will help you create all kinds of videos. It has a massive library of texts, pre-made animated scenes, text animations, animations characters, and a lot more. It has everything you can expect from a professional software.


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As far as the price is concerned, Explaindio is affordable, especially its yearly package. But you cannot use it on multiple computers. In contrast, Doodly has a monthly plan, which is similar to Explaindio’s monthly plan, but you can use it on multiple computers.

Now, you might have a clear idea of Explaindio vs Doodly. Both tools are amazing and worth the money. You can choose whatever is best for your needs.

Final Words

No doubt, visual content is at its peak, especially video content. Videos deliver more information in less time, and they are engaging and attractive. There has been a lot of confusion about different video editing software. We have discussed Explaindio vs Doodly in detail. Both tools are popular and ideal for making professional videos. They are perfect for beginners and even experts who want to save time. You can pick any of the software or tools according to your needs. Both are worth it, and you will surely get the return on investment.

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