What Is VPN (Virtual Private Network) and Why You Need It

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a trending word nowadays. Every internet geek will talk about it including which VPN provider offers you what. In many websites or blog sites where they have like banners all over the page sometimes offer you to save your privacy by using their VPN.

But, then you are thinking that you are already secured with all the bells and whistles inside the security options in your devices operating system. The truth is, it’s partially true, but entirely, you’re built in security can’t save you from online hacks and spams. For this you need a VPN.   

What Is A VPN?

Virtual Private Network is an added privacy and security measuring application. It is a connection method that works to add an extra layer in your security whether you’re using public or private networks.

Taking an example, when you use Wi-Fi hotspots to get into the internet, you are basically using a middle medium to join in the internet instead of connecting to it directly.

VPN almost works in the same way for your connection as it doesn’t let your connection connect to the internet directly. Virtual Private Network protects all kinds of sensitive data for which a lot of companies and private corporations are using VPN.

Later years, when VPN was introduced to mobile apps, it has become a huge popular topic among every person around. 

Main Trick of Every VPN

Whether VPN users were tech geeks or not, increasing the amount of face to face transactions with the internet made them more excited to use VPN. VPN changes the initial IP address of any device and makes them totally trace free.

The VPN network providers create another layer of IP address on the main IP address so that any kind of cookies or tracing app can trace the user. Even with VPN, it’s easier to change the country, like currently you are living in New York, but you can show the internet that you are in California now. 

Why Should You Use a VPN?

There are a couple of reasons why you must use VPN for your device. Like antivirus software, VPN also protects you from all the floating risks of the internet. Not only that, you will also get,

1. Every Data Transfers are Encrypted

Without enabling any VPN, every data you transfer is open to the world. You may be thinking that you are sending a file through Gmail and it may not be visible to anyone, but if hackers with better knowledge want to hack you, he can do that with his tricks. So, it’s better you should play on the safe side by using VPN.

2. Unblocking All the Blocked Website

There are many websites that are blocked in your country. Sometimes for different reasons, we need to enter into those websites but due to restrictions, we fall behind. In these cases VPN works like a charm as it will let you enter into an unrestricted world of the internet. 

3. Hide or Change IP Address

The first and the foremost task of a VPN is to change your IP address. The best ones can totally hide your IP and the rest ones can change your IP address with a well-controlled way. You certainly can’t change your IP manually in the way a VPN can change.  

4. Cover up the Location

The VPN which can change the IP addresses are also capable of changing the user’s location from one country to another. By collecting different countries IP addresses, the VPN software does all these in a fast and secured way.

Which VPNs Should I Use?

1. Avast VPN

If you want an all in one VPN service that includes an antivirus program as well, then this is the one for you. Avast VPN costs $99.99 a year for one PC.

  • Torrent site is allowed
  • Zero log Policy
  • No leak in DNS or Encryption

2. Nord VPN

It’s a new generation VPN with a lot of benefits. Their pricing range differs from month to over two years and one year subscription starts from $83.88.

  • Auto Kill Switch
  • Online Stream Support
  • Duel VPN

3. Vypr VPN

It’s a good and simple VPN service that includes servers from around the globe. Vypr VPN for one year starts from $60.

  • Easily use apps
  • Multi encryption
  • Network Address Translation firewall

4. Pure VPN

It’s the best VPN solution for Wi-Fi connectivity. It made a lot of fame for its low price and high support in the Wi-Fi arenas. It also comes with two option price that starts $10.95 per month and $59 for a year.

  • Exceptional VPN hotspot service
  • Encryption runs on 256 bit
  • Split tunnel for IP address

5. Proton VPN

Another good VPN service at a comparative pricing. The biggest highlight for Proton VPN is AES-256 encryption that can defend privacy in a good manner. Their pricing starts from $5 per month and $48 per year.

  • Secured servers for different country attacks
  • Safe file sharing service
  • Comes with Tor service as well

6. CyberGhost VPN

They used to offer free services for every person on the internet, but from last year, they changed their policy. Their point is, if you are using a free service, then you are not getting the same as premium. Their charges are calculated per month, starting from $12.99 and for six months $7.99 per month.

  • Possibly the highest encryption service providers
  • Strong windows client
  • Lots of features with user friendly UI

Final Words

In the bottom line, we can say that if you consider all the advantages VPN is giving you, then it’s pretty much straight that having a VPN is the right choice for your program. Obviously you can enjoy tons of secured features along with add ons service using VPN.

You can also get free access to almost any country's content, sitting inside your house. Any VPN service provider who offers you a smart DNS service, should be good to go with your device, so make sure before you purchase one.

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